Winners Announced – Pistachio Pairings Sponsored Contest

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of our Pistachio Pairings contest!

Mediterranean Pairing Winner: Jaime @ Zest & Zeal | Mediterranean Melange


Skinny Nut/Reduced Calorie Pairing Winner: Carlene @ Healthfully Ever After | Skinny Sweet and Salty Snacks


Kid Friendly Pairing Winner: Claire @ Intuitive Appetite | Cream Cheese Celery Boats with In-Shell Pistachios, Raspberries & Milk


Indulgent Pairing Winner: Jenny @ 30 Seconds with A&J | Oranges, Dark Chocolate, Fondue with Sourdough Pretzels and Cava


Randomly Chosen Winner: Steph @ Something Nutrishus | Toasty Tasty Trio



For every sponsored contest, we also select a random ReDux member to share their favorite food/hunger relief charity. Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou chose Operation Food Search as the charity that we will donate a portion of our sponsorship dollars to from this contest. Operation Food Search is a St. Louis area food bank that has been distributing food free of charge to feed the poor and hungry since 1981.

To view all the entries for this contest, click the image below:


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